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My name is Renee Everhart. My question is how to find out more about my problem. I'm 22 years old and since, I think, about the age of 8 or 9 years old I've had pain in my ankles and legs with activity and even everyday walking. I finally started experimenting and found that when I correctly aligned my ankles there was substantially less pain. By correctly aligning my ankles I mean that my ankles severely roll inward and I have no arch. They roll in so bad the effects can be seen in my knees. My ankles are extremely flexible, I can roll them generously either way. I twist my ankles a lot along with falling and tripping frequently. The malformation can be seen quite clearly.
After I discovered the benefits of aligning my ankles, by using arch supports which I then built up higher only on the inner side until my ankles no longer rolled inward, I have loved the substantial decline of almost constant aching, and decreased pain with activity.
My problem is I can't always wear my orthodics. I would love to take karate and ballet lessons, but karate is a barefoot activity and ballet slippers would not accommodate my orthodics. So I'm very curious about an operation that would correctly align my ankles permanently so I could do these two activities and many more without my orthodics. I yearn to be an active person but are hindered by these problems. I'm looking for the most skilled and experienced doctor for my problem. If anyone can tell me who to turn to, or where to look for answers, I would be extremely grateful.
I've lived a long time with leg pain and restrictions, and I would love to be just a normal active person while I'm still young and have the energy. Please help me if you can. At the least, I know my orthodics are not appropriate and would like a skilled person to help me out with that. Please respond back with any help you can give, thank you so very much.
Renee Everhart

Posted By Renee Everhart on October 03, 2002 at 12:53:09:

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