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I am 23 now and had the bone in my right ankle removed after 6 months of them telling me it was just spained. Since I waited so long the tendon was very badly damaged and now 7 years later am going to have to have it fused. I also had the one in my left foot removed about 5 years ago. If I only knew what I know now I would have had them removed much earlier. Come to find out the way I walked because of the extra bones has caused two of my discs in my back to wear down and am now having to go for epiderials once a month. I hope you have better luck then I have had. If you want some of the information I have collected in the past few months about this please fell free to email me

: : I have flat feet. After many emergency room visits and general doctors, I finally went to an orthopedist and he took numerous x-rays. Apparently, I have an extra novicular (I think that's the one) bone in each of my feet, which is much of the cuase of my flat-footedness. It has also caused my feet to sprain much more easily, and now my right foot is in perpetual pain whenever I walk. The doctor said that I should probably have the extra bones removed, but as I am only 17, I don't know what to think about changes due to growing, etc. Other than a 3-D walking cast, is there another alternative? I've been looking at the ASO brace.

: : Thanks

: Hi! I was 19 when I had surgery on my left foot to correct a sprain that would not heal. I was in and out of a cast for 6 mos. The surgery went quick. (I have (had) an extra bone on the inside of each foot.) I sprained my foot as I went up some steps. My left foot went outwards as I hit the steps and that is the one I had removed. I have not had a problem with my right foot. If you are 17 or 18, I don't think you will have the growing issues to be conserned with. It was a great decision to get my problem fixed.

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Indications: Achilles tendonitis, Acute Achilles paratendonitis, Achillobursitis, Post-operative treatment after Achilles tendon ruptures, Posterior Achilles tendon bursitis.


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