groin injury

I suffered a groin injury in a curling game, October 2002. I had not sought any medical attention as I thought if I took off a couple of games and did some extra stretching each game it would repair like other pulled muscles. I had suffered with the aches and pain throughout that season and it came to a head Feb 2003. I went to a Doctor who after hip and back exrays sent me to Physio. The Physio had explained because the groin was not left to heal that the protective tissue starts to turn to wax paper type texture and shrinks, thus causing me the pain that I was at the point experiencing. On my second appointment the therapist used the following method in his treatment of the groin injury. While lying flat on my back, with his hands together and fingers cupped he pressed extremely hard into the groin area, inside of my thigh beside the pubic area and I was to do ten leg lifts, 3 repititions, while he applied extreme pressure on the inside muscle. I was also told to walk three times a day for 20 minute durations. By the evening of the appointment I could barely get myself out of our van, but I thought this must be normal, the muscle will get sorer before it get's better. The next morning when we started out for the first 20 minute walk I started to have what I later in the week referred to as fire bolts through my leg. It was as if the skin on my leg was on fire, the more I moved, the more it burned. The fire bolts lasted for about a week and since then the skin (topically) is numb (I describe it like what your face feels like after a filling at the Dentist). The new physio therapist that I went to, after working with me she did not feel that the burining was because of the groin pain but something else. She also had never treated my groin injury with the same exercise that the previous therapist did. Is this a normal treatment? and is it possible that the fermorial nerve could have been damaged with this type of treatment. She felt that the fermornial nerve was not gliding along the muscle well and tried some further stretches. It did not make things worse but it did not provide any relief. I was also sent to a surgeon to ensure there was no hernia, which there is not. He is recommending a neurolgist, or pain clinic to deaden the rest of the nerves as this may help with taking the buring away. I can still feel the pressure point of the first therapist's treatment and I was told that this is where this nerve is closest to the skin. My new therapist has treated the groin injury all she can, and I no longer experience pain in the groin area, but the lasting effects of the fire bolts has never gone away. The fire bolts have subsided to a constant burn which gets worse when I have been up on my feet too much or walk for too long. They have also said that I may never get the feeling back in my thigh.

I apologize for this lengthy story, but I do not know where else to turn. Any information would be greatly appreciated on what other treatment may be out there as the option of deadening the nerves I would obviously want to avoid. Thank you for taking the time to read my problems

Posted By Lori Shaw on October 04, 2003 at 13:08:48:


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